The Annual May Day celebrations of the school, planned for 30th of April this year could only be executed on Saturday, the 2nd of May because of the unexpected bandh on 30th April. This deferment  however, did not in any way dampen the celebrations.

There was the usual gathering of the entire staff and student body in the school auditorium in an ambience of cheerful warmth to acknowledge and appreciate the silent but untiring efforts of our non-teaching staff who keep the entire school functioning as ‘giant well-oiled machinery’,  every single day of the year. This aspect of their work was amply highlighted in his address by the outgoing school administrator, Rev. Fr. Raphael.

Every bit of the programme – right from ushering in the ‘guests for the day’ with a rose each, to the songs and dances, the beat boxing, the May Day skit, the student-made video on the myriad tasks performed by the non-teaching staff – all were attempts to say ‘A BIG THANK YOU’ to the numerous ‘Uncles’ and ‘Aunties’ whose evergreen motto seems to be ‘service with a smile’. The programme concluded with the distribution of food packets and a gift each to every member of the non-teaching staff, as small tokens of appreciation.

Mr. Antony Mondal on behalf of the non-teaching staff thanked the teachers and students for making this day a memorable one for them.  The function ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Br. Jose, the Principal of the school.