Every new day is a good opportunity to begin afresh, leaving behind failures, false hopes and repentances. On the 1st of April, the school opened its gates to the students, ushering in a new academic session. Bright, smiling faces trooped into the premises with promises of change and betterment. The morning assembly, more elaborate than the other days, was conducted ceremoniously and saw Father Rector reading out from the holy Bible and welcoming the students heartily. Brother Jose, the Principal guided the students through a trajectory of acceptable norms of behavior and conduct and expectations from the students.

Later in the day, the students were taken to the auditorium for a short programme that began with the lighting of the lamp and was followed by an enriching speech from the eminent Dean of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Professor Prodipto Bandyopadhyay. Professor Banyopadhyay enlightened the students on the workings of the ISI and the importance of Mathematics in everyday life. After the brief programme, the students departed for home.

In the afternoon, the teachers attended a session with Professor Bandyopadhyay. The pertinent question of how to make Mathematics interesting for the students was answered by the professor with admirable ease. He responded that small tricks which he termed as ‘Mathemagic’ could be used. He even provided a few examples to elucidate his point. Moreover he suggested that students should be asked to calculate with things that he sees around him. Redundant questions in the textbooks needs to be reframed. Humble as he is, his words left the teachers with a lot of content to ponder upon.