Flowers are  intimate means of  reaching people’s soul. The 20th January 2014, witnessed the Grand Annual Flower Show, hosted by Don Bosco Liluah. The two-day event organized by the Nature Club endowed the opportunity to get the glimpse of some rare varieties of exotic dahlias, chrysanthemums and roses. A display of colours of Nature, this flower show reciprocated the theme ‘Go Green’, an effort for the greener and cleaner Earth, a project observed by the School this year.

The show stopper of this flower festivity was flowers themselves, an array of  bonsai, orchids, and  wide variety of seasonal flowers enriched this august event.

A feast for the eyes, the flower  show surely enthralls the  mind at the same time brings us a little closer to Nature.

As a part of this event competitions were  held where students of K.G. to  Class 12 actively participated and the winners were awarded  with trophies in three categories ie Junior, Senior, and the Champion, with a trophy each. The award was sponsored by the Tata Steel.