On 1 August 2013, Don Bosco School Liluah celebrated the birthday and the graceful retirement of Ma’am Alma Toppo.  

The day started with Ma’am Alma Toppo walking up to the stage being cheered and applauded by the students. Our Principal, Rev. Bro. Jose then shared his views on Ma’am and the kind of person she is. Brother Jose made it a point to mention to the students about the simplicity with which Ma’am led her life and her dedication and love for the institution and the students. He also wished her a very happy birthday. This was followed by presentaion of flowers and singing of songs.

The celebrations continued as students expressed their views on Ma’am. Soham Sengupta from the junior section and Shoumorup Mukhopadhyay from the senior section read out an address on Ma’am.  Ma'am in her message thanked all the Salesian members for their love and co-operation and her colleagues for their constant support. The students were thanked for their love and wishes. She wrapped up her brief speech by advising the students to study hard and behave well. Ma’am walked down the stage as students sang the hymn “Keep me in the hollow of thy hand”.

Rector Rev. Fr. Biji Thomas who appreciated Mam’s 29 years of dedicated service to the institution recalled his experiences and interactions with Ma’am Alma over the years. According to him, she was the kind of person who never complained but crossed all barriers and stood successful in whatever she did. He appreciated the distance she travelled to come to school every day and her sense of punctuality. Ma’am was then presented with a memento as a token of appreciation for her dedicated service.

In the afternoon the Salesians, teachers and office staff gathered in the AV room to felicitate Ma'am Toppo. She was presented with flowers, cards and gifts. A short video prepared by the junior school teachers was shown and a copy of it was gifted to Ma’am. Her favourite songs were sung by teachers. A song sung by Ma’am Arpana Penta from the junior section and Sir Felix from the senior section added melody to the ocassion. It was followed by a prayer. The host for the day, Ma’am Sudeshna Guha Biswas, then called upon Ma’am Manjit Verma to share her views and experiences of her long years spent with Ma’am Toppo. Similarly, Ma’am Soumya Verghese was also called on stage to share her experiences of a brief 1 year stay with Ma’am. 

Ma’am Alma Toppo thanked everyone for their love and appreciation and promised to pray for all. As usual, she never fell short of words to express her gratitude to everyone present and thanked God above all for her wonderful stay at Don Bosco School, Liluah for 29 long years.  Shedding no tears but with smiles, Ma’am Alma Toppo had a graceful retirement and a grand birthday celebration which came to a conclusion with a sumptuous lunch.