Nature owing to man’s atrocities is at stake. The recent flash flood at Uttarakhand is a glaring example of how nature is fighting back for its survival. To spread the message of conserving of nature, Don Bosco School, Liluah has taken a noble initiative at Boscotsav ’13. It has been termed as ‘Go Green project’. 

Bosco Act Green, is a new event in Boscotsav’13. The participating schools were asked to submit a video presentation based on activities and projects undertaken by their school, to make the campus greener and cleaner, over the last five years or more. The videos were very attractive and upheld the beauty of their schools.

The stage had also been decorated with plastic bottles. This type of an arrangement is called ‘Tower Garden Project’. The bottles had been vertically arranged in a tower configuration. Plastic bottles can thus be recycled, reused and reprocessed into useful products. 

Each one of us can make a difference if we can fine tune our lifestyle, create awareness about environmental issues and take care and ensure our future well-being.