The journey of BOSCOTSAV 2013 began with the theme “MELIORA COGITO” or “I STRIVE FOR THE BEST” and the intention of celebrating competition, in its true spirits, symbolising fair play. The day began with the lighting of the lamp by Rev. Fr. Rector, Br. Jose, the prefects of the various participating schools, symbolising the ever-abiding presence of God in our midst.

The day began with the junior school events, with the tiny toddlers truly striving for the best, remaining aloof from the greed of winning and the fear of losing. The day began with BOSCO DIVINE the choir competition-where the little angels put up a splendidly soothing performance that symbolised the beauty of God. Don Bosco School, Liluah bagged the winner's trophy with an enchanting performance while the girls from SJC took up the runners-up trophy. All the stars of tomorrow wove magic on the dance floor in BOSCO TAAL as SJC impressed the most with their magical performance and became the righteous winners, while ACS Dumdum came a close second. Towards the end of the day, the D'EVOLUTION group enchanted the audience with their perfect dance moves. DON BOSCO LILUAH, DON BOSCO PARK CIRCUS, DON BOSCO BANDEL were the three best performing schools for the junior events.

BOSCOTSAV 2013 had seen some extra-ordinary performances on Day 1, of students, who truly strove for the best. Everyone was ready for an overwhelming and exciting second day. The day began with BOSCO QUIZZARD the mind teasing quiz contest where the participants cracked their brains to give the correct answers. DBPC edged past DBL, the host school, in a nail-biting encounter. The next event, BOSCO SANGEET, saw the audience mesmerised with one melodious performance after another. All the ten participating schools set new bench marks of music with soothing performances. What followed was a fit of humour in BOSCO TELLYTRIX, the television soap adaptation event-where SUNRISE, with their hilarious performance took the first prize and Auxilium Bandel came a close second. 

Coming to the off-stage events, BOSCO RESONANCE, the unconventional musical saga, saw new sources of music as MCKV took the winners trophy while DBL came a close second.  Bosco Dance Off, the impromptu dance event went to DBB'S Ralph Mao, whose amazing moves impressed one and all present in the auditorium. The young Rohit Das of SUNRISE too impressed the audience with an impeccable display of dance. The audience enjoyed the contest to the core and cheered the participants out and out. Moving to some artistic events, BOSCO STROKES the painting carnival was won by the girls of SJC and DBB came second. BOSCO GARNISH was won by DBB who made wonderful carvings and designs out of vegetables and stood first.

BOSCO STRINGS, the western music set piece, saw some amazing performances that turned the auditorium of DBL into a rock concert altogether. Don Bosco Liluah, with its plethora of budding rockstars, came up with a stellar performance and became the winners while the boys from Don Bosco Bandel finished runners-up in what was an amazing event that truly lived to its huge billing. The most awaited event of the day, BOSCO GROOVES, the western dance extravaganza, saw the boys of the host school deliver an eye-opening performance, where they showed how dance can turn the tables when it came to removing the evils from our relegated society. They were the righteous winners in an event that saw magnificent and gravity-defining dancing from the ten participating schools. It was Don Bosco Bandel, who finished second in what was yet another stellar performance. The audience were left spell bound after both the events. The guest performance from the SIXTH VEDAS added variety to things and flavour to life with their perfect tones, melodies and beats.

For all their hard-work, DBB, DBL and SJC, emerged as the three best performing schools in the extravaganza. This summarised the two day fest which saw budding talents, honing their skills and indeed celebrating competition, striving for the best.