The Nature Club of Don Bosco School, Liluah, had organized a three-day educational trip to one of the largest littoral forests of the world – Sunderbans.  50 students accompanied by three teachers and our Principal, Fr. Sunit Kiro, set off with a ‘Bosco cheer’, searching for the tigers on 06 October 2018.



Students experienced the real beauty of nature, travelling on a vessel on all the three days.  The vessel had an Indian Flag tied which showed that it was an Indian transport as we were moving towards the border of India and Bangladesh.



Apart from the scenic beauty, appetizing food cooked on the moving vessel, cultural programmes, dancing to the tunes of tribal inhabitants, students learned to adjust with the climatic conditions and a different way of living.  We all patiently waited to see a tiger till the last day of our tour.  To add to our delight, we got to see colourful crabs, spotted deer approaching the banks where the still roots, pneumatophores and snake roots grew high and a ten feet long crocodile conserved in the Mangrove Interpretation Centre.



On the last day of the trip, on the auspicious day of Mahalaya, we moved back to the vessel in search of the black and yellow striped ferocious royal member of the forest. On crossing Mohona and reaching Jaukhali we were greeted with a thundering growl and were fortunate enough to watch the royal beast gracefully moving towards a pond.  Thus, a rumbling growl marked the end of the wonderful nature jaunt.