“Let children come to me”.  Keeping these words of Jesus in our mind and following the charism of Don Bosco, we organized the usual fete for children on 17 November 2018.  The school campus was brightly and beautifully decorated with colourful balloons and festoons.  There were the usual food and games stalls and various rides both for children and adult children.



The day began with the special assembly in the assembly hall for the junior section children.  This was followed by the same assembly for the senior section.  More than 400 children took part in the fancy dress competition soon after the assemblies.  Every DBL student was given coupons worth Rs. 30/- which they could use for their enjoyment.  To add zing to the fun and frolic, there were DJ and a Dhol party. 



It was a happy gathering of children of all ages, parents, past pupils, teachers and well-wishers of DBL.  Children’s Day celebration of DBL also has a noble cause.  The profit made from this day is used for the Night School, thus bringing a smile on the faces of the under-privileged.  Thank you everyone for your participation and co-operation.