Fr. Jose Chunkapura (sdb), Rector, Don Bosco Diamond Harbour conducted a day long (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.) workshop on 26th October 2018, gently guiding us towards Him and reminding us about the presence of the benevolent Almighty in our lives through a day long session interspersed with his melodious renditions of hymns and songs, which we joined in whole heartedly. Fr. Jose urged us to set goals and achieve our targets, attain our roles as teachers in the institution and in the process look for meaning, happiness and fulfilment in life. Erudite and well read, Father spoke about the immediate and ultimate goals proposed in Hinduism namely Artha, Kama, Dharma, Moksha and in Christianity – Justice, Peace and Joy.



In the course of enlightening us about our various objectives Fr. Jose regaled us with incidents from his own experiences, as he advised us to look inwards and judge whether we were Intenders, Endeavourers or Performers. We need to pray to the God above to “Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning...........” and to be true emissaries of St. John Bosco leading our students to achieve greater glory.  We thank Father for reminding and enlightening us about our goal and role as teachers of Don Bosco.