The best way to do work, is to do it together.  Keeping this very correct adage in mind, the students of class 12 of Don Bosco Liluah, embarked on their SUPW project for the Scholastic year 2018-19 on 24 August 2018, to the inter-religious Centre of Development about 14 km from Uluberia.  Located on the banks of river Damodar, the Inter Religious Centre of Development is a haven for nature lovers and for the destitute.



Upon entering the campus, the students, along with their three class teachers, were greeted by members of the society.  They were guided to a hall, wherein the students witnessed handloom and tapestry cottage industries run by the Centre's women. This example of self-dependency and empowerment offered to the inmates enthralled the students. They had the privilege to view the art and also to appreciate it.



Then the school office bearers, along with the representatives of the three classes presented the society with their humble contribution. Our captains addressed the gathering of the students as well as the inmates.




They were then greeted by the Head of the Society, Brother Gaston Dayanand. Brother, is a remarkable man who had conviction in his words. His words were enough to make students listen with rapt attention. He interacted with the students, emphasizing upon them in the importance of social service, and how his life's destination had brought him to India. He told the students of the various challenges the people there have to face in their daily lives. Amenities, which seemed to be simple and a part of our daily lives, but were a big challenge to them. He highlighted on the role of students, and how Indian culture needs to revamp the nation.  A man of strong will and charm, Brother's words did make a strong impact.



After that, the students went about the entire area of the Centre, talking to the various people there and enjoying the beautiful natural bounty. Greenery and fresh air were in plenty for them to cherish. The fact that the Centre was so close to nature and the very warm reception the students received there won their hearts.  In the end, after an hour of wholesome experience, the students boarded the buses and returned to school with memories and warm smiles from the place to cherish forever.