Change is the only constant in life. By life’s rules, the old order paves way for the new. The investiture ceremony is a testimony to this truth of life.



On the 9th of May 2018, the ceremony began with the march of the monitors, vice monitors and club presidents to the accompaniment of a tune played by students. They were followed by the school prefects of all the four houses. As they took their places on the stage, a generous round of applause greeted them. Father Rector welcomed them in his inaugural address and reminded them of their duties to their Alma mater. The badges were pinned to their ties and a sash defining their position was wound round. The students looked admirable. The school prefect Vaibhav Chaudhuri read out his address and took the oath of office. He then conducted the oath for the others. The monitors and vice monitors were given their badges by the Rector, Fr. Tomy Joseph and the Principal, Fr. Sunit Kiro. A peaceful and holy atmosphere permeated the auditorium.  The choir sang melodiously. For the first time, this year, the club presidents were also called to the stage and were handed their badges of honour. The programme ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Fr. Sunit Kiro.