The most prestigious business event in the most prestigious commerce college in the country. Every commerce student’s  dream. Yes, the SRCC Business Conclave. The hype was great. The glory which came with it was greater. Thus, when the question for the online preliminary round arrived what ensued were five days of sincere hard work. The questions tested our mettle in the fields of Research, Public Relations, Marketing, English, Economic IQ and Logical Reasoning. As you sow, so shall you reap and we reaped plenty. The sincerity and hard work paid off when we were shortlisted as the top 10 teams from over 250 odd applicants to participate in the campus round. On reaching there we realized we were facing the best of the country, the best of the best. Quite aware of the fact that we were representing the school we knew we had to give the best we could to uphold the reputation and legacy of Don Bosco, Liluah. The first day, 3rd of February, kicked off with a bonus round which also acted like an ice-breaker session. The round was a group discussion where we were divided into groups of 5 and were required to defend the line-up and management of an IPL Team while establishing how it was better than the others. Following this was the first part of the first main round, Advert Mania. We had to shoot the last 30 seconds of an already existing advertisement but branch it as a different product. The twist, however, came in the second part where we had to pitch the marketing mix of the product of another school. Faring well in both the events we went back quite confident. Apart from the events, we also attended a session by Mr.Gautam Adani. The second day, 5th of February, had quite an interesting list of rounds. The first round was a two-way round where one member from each team was required to represent a country or corporation at the World Economic Forum in Davos while the other member had to participate in a JAM. While the JAM was a lighter event, the conference was more interesting and intense. Each corporation and country was required to present three sectors they wanted to expand and get into investment for themselves. This was followed by a bonus round, Game Theory, The Dinner Dilemma which tested the logical acumen of the participants. The main round of the day was the Pecuniaries which was an anti-mock stock. This round was an open outcry barter trading round which required a thorough grasp of economics and mathematics. Don Bosco, Liluah again fared well and had successfully carved a name in the top rungs of the event. The bonus round for the final day was Cards Dexterity where the participants bid on their own intelligence in the fields of History, Logical Reasoning and Mathematics. The more one believed in his intellectual powers the more he could raise the stakes. Although an individual event, the combined profits of the members were over 10000 rupees more than the next best school. The last event was a Harvard Business School case study mostly revolving around the conflict between traditional and modern views in the form of a corporate dilemma. The day came to an end with the award ceremony where we were disheartened to hear that we were placed fourth, losing out on a podium finish by half a mark. Nonetheless, the experience was unique, enriching, enthralling, and the memories irreplaceable.