On a bright and sunny morning of the first of December, the Biology students of Class - 11C along with  Ma’am Rituparna went to the 200 years old historical A. J. C. Bose Botanical Gardens.



Our exploration began with the most attractive offering of the Botanical Gardens- the more than 200 year old Great Banyan Tree. We then reached the headquarters of the Botanical Gardens and then made our way into the large Greenhouse, a haven for numerous herbs, creepers, climbers and other soft stemmed plants which got the sufficient heat of the sunlight captured as a result of the greenhouse effect.



Our next major sighting was the Kanta Pahar, a ten feet tall cactus spread over quite a large area which indeed captivated our imagination. After walking for about two to three kilometres, we finally reached another major attractive offering of the Botanical Gardens- The Palm House, which houses over thousands of palm trees. The thick canopy at the top does not allow the sunlight to penetrate, though it, the result being a green moss covered floor. Visible right from the entrance of the Palm House, is the Double Coconut tree, its dumbbell shaped coconuts boasting of a jointed double endosperm. Close to the Pal House, we saw the famous Giant Water  Lily with its large leaves floating majestically in the Dewan Lake. It is said that the leaves of the Giant Water Lilly are strong enough to hold a three months old baby and still float, truly a candid example of how strong as well as delicate nature can be.