The Annual Teachers’ Orientation was held on 29.07.2017. The resource person was Rev. Fr. James Chacko, the Rector of Salesian College, Sonada.  Father Chacko emphasized the importance of introspection and professional level so that each of us can become an educator which would have a positive influence on the students. Father’s talk revolved around the role of teachers in the character formation of our students in the modern times and help the younger generation realize the divine in them.  Through the video presentations and his questionnaires, father reiterated various concrete ways how we could be effective teachers, all the time emphasizing on child centric learning. 



The second part of the session dealt with stress management and the various stress buster techniques.  What made the session very enlivening and meaningful was the fact that Father Chacko interspersed his talk with jokes and real life experiences.  Many of his techniques seemed easy to follow in order to reduce the stress level we encounter in our day to day life. Father was very vocal in stressing that life should not be fixated and that we should change our perception which in turn will change our attitude towards life.



The session ended with a soul touching hymn and the vote of thanks by Fr. Sunit Kiro.  It was a short and sweet four-hour session.