On 26 November 2016, the senior section comprising the students of classes 6 to 12, celebrated the Rector’s and Parents’ Day through a judicious mix of dance, music and philosophy.



The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp. To invoke God’s blessings, the lamp was lit by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Biji Thomas, Mr. Sailesh Pandey, the parent representative, the Guest of Honour, Mr. Angshuman Adhikary, ADM Howrah and the four jubilarians Ms. Dorothy Jacob, Ms. Rupasree Mukherjee, Ms. Mohua Chatterjee and Mr. Richard Gomes.



The school choir then welcomed all by singing some enthralling numbers.  This was followed by the welcome dance where the little champs paid homage to the Almighty through their graceful movements.



The formal segment followed next in the form of Fr. Rector’s message.  Being the pivot of the institution, Father stressed on the need of co-operation of the parents with the school. He said that the school required the parents to understand that their child can be properly moulded into fine human beings only if they received a whole hearted support from them.



The programme proper then began with a medley of songs in Hindi, Bengali and English by ‘Mellifluous Band’.  The members mostly newly recruited, took utmost care in selecting such songs they knew the parents would enjoy.



Up next was the Western Dance, where the students showcased their agility, promptness and mobility.  The annual report was then presented by the Principal, Fr. Sunit Kiro.  The growth of the school from strength to strength in all aspects along with the ICSE and ISC results were highlighted.  This section also saw the ICSE, ISC, CVE and ITI 2016 toppers and the jubilarians being felicitated.



The technical section boys were not to be left behind in showing their love and support for Fr. Rector and the parents.  They performed a heart wrenching patriotic dance which displayed the role of the Indian soldiers.



For the first time there was an item presented by the parents represented by Mr. and Mrs. Roy.  Mr. Roy played the flute accompanied by Mrs. Roy whose mellifluous voice reverberated the auditorium.



The most awaited item was the Dance Drama, entitled “Nav Ras’ or the Nine Emotions.  Through a series of dance-song sequences, the senior section youngsters regaled one and all in expressing different human moods.



Fr. Sunit Kiro then gave the vote of thanks followed by some heart-warming and familiar Christmas Carols by the school choir. With the National Anthem, the curtains finally came down for this year’s Rector’s and Parents’ Day.