The boys of science club of DBL visited BITM on 30 September 2016 on an educational excursion.  We reached there at about 10:00 a.m. it was a place of marvellous scientific exhibits. In one of the science wings we came to see and learn many mysteries and wonders based on optical illusion, physics etc. We went for a show which portrayed the lost world or the world of dinosaurs in 3-D. 



Further we experienced the thrill and amazement of flying superheroes in the studio and also learnt the crafty science behind it. We also went to two more science wings which had several electronic exploits which showed how interesting physics was. We went all about enjoying but in amazement which finally scaled highest at the high voltage show where we gazed at several interesting mechanism which worked on very high voltage. The experiments were deadly but we forgot of it as we sunk seeing the sparks and wonders of electricity. With pumped excitement we went to an artificial but realistic coal mine where we could experience the life of the mines and saw many coal extractors. 



We finally came out and headed towards the maths lab, profound with mathematical exhibits and also saw how mind boggling and fun maths can be.  After refreshments we headed for the school with tired yet scientifically recharged brains.



“Science is fun”—the motto of BITM and an inevitable truth of its meaning and practical application.