The Annual Retreat for Christian teachers and the office staff was held on 25 August 2016 in the AV Room.  Fr. Johny Nedungatt, Vice Rector, Asst. Director & IC of KNOTS from Don Bosco, Nitika was the resource person for the day.


The programme started with a welcome and a short prayer.  A documentary was shown revolving around the theme and the importance of forgiveness.  This was followed by discussions and mutual sharing.  Father Johny emphasized the need for forgiveness in our daily life and how this brings about an inner healing.  Time and again father said that we should make a deliberate attempt to ‘let go’ of our pride, anger, selfish motive and learn to readily forgive others.  It is only then that we shall be at peace.  And how true!



Father’s talk was replete with incidents and anecdotes which made the sessions really interesting and soul stirring.  This was followed by adoration and hymns.  Sumptuous lunch was provided to all.  Post lunch, we had confession followed by Holy Mass. 



The programme for the day ended by thanking Father Johny for having animated us.  It was a day well spent in reconnecting with God through prayers and confession.