The annual teachers’ orientation was held on 22 and 23 July 2016.  We were glad to have Rev. Fr. Jerry Thomas, The Director of Youth Commission from the Province of Dimapur, as our resource person. Our Principal, Rev. Fr. Sunit Kiro introduced Fr. Jerry to the teachers.  Ma’am Sheila Rozario welcomed father with a bouquet of flowers.



Fr. Jerry spoke very eloquently and emphatically on the role of teachers in the current time.  He stressed upon the fact that we should enjoy transforming the young minds into human capital and that teaching and learning is a two-way process. The teacher should ensure that a friendly learning environment is created. Assessing emotional well-being of every school going child and adolescent is important in order to offer timely support and intervention for emotional and behavioural difficulties.  If not checked such emotional difficulties may impede academic, personal and social growth, resulting in a lifetime of challenges for such individuals in particular and for the society in general.



It was through various exercises that father led us to self-introspection of our role as teachers.  Quite a few of us were jolted out of our complacency. Fr. Jerry reiterated that as teachers we need to collectively and consciously be responsible. A teacher needs to accompany a child through various stages from childhood to adulthood. A teacher should assume the role of ‘a good shepherd’.  In the words of Fr. Jerry, young people are our ‘treasures and wealth’.



Father Jerry made relevant references to the works of contemporary writers like Steven Covey and Amartya Sen.  He took great pains to explain Erikson’s eight stages of development and by the time father had completed explaining all the eight stages most of us understood better the needs and requirements of students at different phases of their lives.


Fr. Jerry’s erudition, experience, sagacity, wit and humour left us mesmerized.  His inspirational talk will certainly go a long way to improve ourselves as teachers.  The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Sir Polachan.