On 17 December 2015, 102 enthusiastic DBL commerce students entered the esteemed premises of The Reserve Bank of India, Strand Road, to be a part of their Financial Literacy Program by FIDD.



The eleventh floor auditorium of the RBI complex welcomed the students of Classes 12A and 12B, their teachers  Ma’am Sudeshna Sanchety, Ma’am Moumita Chakraborty and Sir Shantanu Bandopadhyay. The session started at 10:30 sharp with the welcome address by none other than the Regional Director Mr. R. N. Kar. He talked at length on anti-inflationary measures and foreign exchange rates. He was followed by the General Manager and other Assistant General Managers who also enlightened the students on several topics.



The most noteworthy round of the session was the question answer part after each speaker delivered their lecture. The students grilled the top notch officers on topics like black money, virtual money, GST, risk management and so many other curriculum related topics. The officers were thrilled at their spirit and answered their queries as lucidly as possible.



The two and a half hour session was a great learning experience for all the students and a quality time spent with some erudite and knowledgeable persons of the country.