On 27th November 2015, the KG and Class-1 students of Don Bosco School, Liluah, celebrated the Rector’s & Parents’ Day.  It was a very special day as the youngest students showed their love and gratitude to Fr. Rector and their parents through songs, dance and plays.

The programme began with the lighting of the lamp. The school choir welcomed everyone by singing the welcome song and the Class-1 students with the prayer dance.


Fr. Rector welcomed and thanked all the parents for their presence. In his message he stressed on the importance and the need of good parenting especially in the present day situation where distractions are hard to overcome.



The play by the KG students ‘God’s Creation’ showed how God created the world in seven days. ‘Rocking Madagascar’ showed some crazy dance moves by the KG kids and finally the state dance “We Are One”  showcasing Unity in Diversity, proved that with patience and hard work, these children can excel in anything.


The Class-1 students also put up two beautiful performances.  A play called “Mowgli’s Wonder World” showed that animals exhibit more empathy and sensitivity than the humans. The dance performance ‘Rituranga’ showed the journey with nature depicting seasons in Rabindra Sangeet.


The programme concluded with the school choir singing Christmas Carols, ushering the festive season in DBL.


All the performances lit up the stage and enthralled the parents, who were happy and proud to see their little ones on stage.  It was truly a befitting tribute to Fr. Rector and the parents on this special day.