2nd April, 2013 – The sun shone bright and clear on the precincts of DBL, marking the beginning of the academic year 2013 – 14. Through suppressed euphoric excitement, the new year was set rolling, with the principal Rev. Br. Jose urging boys to resolve to begin with the end in mind and to put first things first. After a short stint in their class rooms, the senior school boys gathered in the auditorium for a formal inauguration of the new year.

The celebration commenced with the felicitation of Swami Subirananda, Asst. Secretary of Ramakrishna  Math and Mission Belur and Brahmachari Sridip, of the same order. The lighting of the lamp followed, with the assurance to dispel the darkness of ignorance with the lamp of knowledge.


 Mr. Felix Jojo invoked the Almighty with a bhajan followed by a welcome message by the Rector, Fr. Biji Thomas. He urged the young Bosconians to move through the year with the love of God, faith and obedience. Swami Subirananda’s keynote address advised the boys to surge ahead, acquiring knowledge and wisdom and to become good human beings. After this solemn ceremony, the boys left for their home and the teachers gathered in the A.V. Room for a staff meeting. Besides giving some salient advice, the Principal and the Rector urged the teachers to teach with the aid of technological innovations and with care towards the weaker students.