The Teachers’ Day celebrations commenced at Don Bosco Liluah with the Holy Eucharist presided over by the Rector of the institution Fr. Biji Thomas, who called upon the greatest of all teachers, The Almighty to bless the teachers of DBL as they don His mantle among the little ones to guide them in life’s path. The students of the various classes feted their own class and assistant teachers with expressions of  love through various little performances and flowers.

To the chanting of “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu...” by the emcees commenced an hour long cultural fiesta. The traditional lighting of the lamp was followed by the Rector’s speech urging the boys of DBL to love and respect their teachers, emulating them as role models. The dances and songs that followed by the high school and technical section of DBL were soul-touching renditions by the students , born out of an eager desire of the students to make their teachers smile, specially  when even the non-singers of Class 12 brought in a medley of popular numbers, only for their teachers.   

Heart- warming was a self composed poem by two of the boys that included every teacher from the primary to the secondary and so was the video that had caught their teachers in various moments of activity. This pleasurable entertainment came to an end befittingly with a teachers’ dance performance and the vote of thanks by the principal Fr. Sunit Kiro.

What started next saw the teachers  locking horns with each other in group Antakshari and literally running to search for the treasures their students had hidden in various areas of the school in the Treasure Hunt,  with enthusiasm and gusto. The day came to its closure with a sumptuous feast for the  teachers as all left the school campus content and replete.